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Retort Software manufactures software robot foundries – automated server environments that inject, monitor, and control software robots that can either self-assemble or manufacture other software robots.

Retort was founded by alumni from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay with the mission: to be a leading manufacturer of commercial software robot-controlled operating systems and networked service environments.

Set up in August 1998, the company has been providing tailored automated networking services and environments to businesses, telcos and ISPs for over nine years.


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A normal installation of all the software components of ALICE would require individual deployment, setup, administration and maintenance of each of the component systems. This would need dedicated skilled personnel at each location such components are installed. Further each component would require sufficient user licenses of the OS and the software component. The total cost of all the components if deployed individually will be at least 5-6 times that of deploying a single ALICE.

ALICE is an integrated software solution with all its components interoperating seamlessly. This enables integrated administration of all the components possibly even remotely.

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