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automated server environments that inject, monitor, and control software robots that can either self-assemble or manufacture other software robots. read more

What is ALICE?

The core of ALICE™ is a Communications
Gateway Server and is the answer to all
your networking requirements.

Strengths of ALICE

Unique scalability
Powerful adaptability on the entire range of PCs, hard disks and connectivity options, for optimal customization of client network.

Unsurpased stability
Ahigh level of stability, relability and performance coupled with continuous enhancements in software and hardware.

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Prashant Thakur
Cosmos Bank

It (ALICE) boasts a wealth of built-in software. You can use any web browser to configure it. With ALICE you don't have to pay for a separate proxy server licence or even an operating system licence as ALICE has it built in. read more


Remote Support
As an esteemed client of Retort Software Pvt. Ltd. you are assured of the services of Retort's own strong in-house support team that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
An established dealer network throughout India ensures prompt services even in remote locations of the country.

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Knowledge Base

ALICE: Summary
The ALICE Product Summary
PDF format | File size: 33 KB

ALICE: User Manual
The ALICE User Manual
File format: PDF | File size: 4.0M

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Case Studies


Bombay Stock Exchange

Cosmos Bank

Government establishments in small districts
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