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As an esteemed client of Retort Software Pvt. Ltd. you are assured of the services of Retort's own strong in-house support team that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. An established dealer network throughout India ensures prompt services even in remote locations of the country.

Our personnel routinely keep you updated of technological advancements in the product. Our team is available round the clock for installations, trouble-shooting and answering queries.

The training programs at Retort ensure that the support personnel are adept and up-to-date with all the features and modules of ALICE. Routine training programs for the entire support team include internal as well as onsite training. Retort's support engineers often get absorbed in the R&D team, thanks to the intensive training that assists their metamorphosis into system level programmers.


Our customer support teams at various locations in the country are always ready for installations of our products.


Our support teams are trained to handle onsite troubleshooting of day-to-day problems regarding mail handling and system management. Trouble-shooting is done remotely from our head office. System administrators are also given telephonic support whenever required.


Regular feedback from our clients helps our development and support team to work on their suggestions.

For contacting our support team, please send us your comments and feedback to support AT bombay DOT retortsoft DOT com

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